Friday, July 28, 2006

touching moment

for some time now
I have been lost in the wonder of touch
its importance
its value
how a touch births life

people respond differently to touch
to being touched
to touching

babies always seek and welcome a touch
even when sitting very close
a babe will demand a snuggle
a cuddle
pressing their tiny face deep

when older
some resist being touched
close themselves in

for some
the only touch they know
is a hard touch

for others
there is an ache deep within
a longing
a desperation
for a touch
a soft touch

a very special friend
who lives on the other side of the mountains
recently came to visit

although we talk every week
sometimes two or three times a week
we do not get to see one another as often as we used to
and so spending time together is deeply treasured

seeing my friend's face
is never quite enough

there is a need to touch
touch a cheek
touch a hand
touch a shoulder

and I think of John the Beloved
and his need to touch
and so he leaned his head
on the heart of God

and I think of the body
and how all five senses complement each other

how sight is so much more complete
with a touch

how touch is so much more complete
when hearing another's heart beat

and I think of the wider body
and how we all need one another
how much more complete we are when together

and I am missing the wider body these days

I am missing touching
I am missing being touched

there is an intimacy to touch
too often there is a shying away from such intimacy
and thus we miss the life that is birthed in a touch

there is a fear of touching these days
a fear of the touch being misunderstood

but there is such purity in the intimacy of a touch

and even should all sight disappear
there will still be a touch
a touching

take a moment
touch someone

right now