Wednesday, August 17, 2011

peace moment

at dinner last evening with some friends
there was talk of "church" things ........
and I was reminded of a statement
made by Jean Vanier in a recent series of lectures -

"a modest proposal for peace:
that Christians around the world would stop killing one another"

we don't shoot many bullets against one another on this side of the world
but a critical word
snide remark

a word of judgement
pierces deeper than any bullet
leaving a scar that wounds for years

its echo can reverberate loudly in our hearts for a very long time

Thursday, August 11, 2011

passion moment

how many have allowed their passion
to be replaced
by achieving position

recover moment

you must recover your
before you can exercise your

Saturday, August 06, 2011

conundrum moment

what does one do
when a friend
is about to make a huge mistake

it is so true -
"love is blind"

something happens to discernment

we are able to convince ourselves all is good
when other eyes see opposite

do we blind ourselves
or are we blinded

is it the longing of our hearts
that pulls the shade down over our eyes
and a comforter over our discernment

to speak
not to speak

that is the question
the age old conundrum

the cop out answer is
"just pray"

and of course prayer is a huge part of this
but sometimes a spoken word of caution is necessary ..........

knowing the spoken word will not be wanted
and probably not received
and so a relationship is then damaged

the risk is huge