Monday, June 28, 2010

yesterday's moment

spent some time yesterday
in an interesting house
newish physically
pleasant looking
but boy, was it hard to breathe inside
it was as if this house was an old old old house
a house that has been shut up for many years
the windows never opened
the door always closed
there was a staleness
a musty smell and feeling
the air was still and old, used up
all the correct stuff going on
with all the correct words spoken and sung
but there was this oldness
this staleness
a sitting in yesterday's air
locked in yesterday's moments
and I am not at all sure a fresh wind would be welcome
there was a comfortableness wrapped around everyone's shoulders
like clothes that have been worn forever
and now simply fit like skin
it was cold
and after a very short while
I was shaking
from the inside out
and the outside in
I left
and silently wept ........