Saturday, February 18, 2012

salt moment

Aristotle says that to become a friend of someone
you should eat a sack of salt together

interesting in light of the fact
that salt puts your heart at risk
as does love/friendship

food and love are linked closely

we are being bombarded these days
with warnings about cutting back on our salt intake
but we for sure need to hugely increase our love intake
as we cannot give what we do not have ..........

the world cries for love
my neighbors cry for love
I cry for love

Monday, February 13, 2012

life moment

to my surprise today
I noted a blooming impatience
reaching toward the light
ignoring the fact it is February
and the ground is covered in snow

must have been a seed
that quietly fell into the earth
was buried
and hidden
for months ...

something has called it forth
to bloom

no one knew it was there
no one saw anything different in the soil

in the midst of winter
a bloom of summer popped up

and sometimes that is the way it is

seemingly randomly planted
for a long time

a bloom appears
a flower unfolds
in the middle of a winter

a glimpse of summer

in a pot of ferns
a single impatience

no use pointing out the season is wrong
for this new life to bud and bloom

no use pointing out the locale is wrong
this pot only meant for ferns

when it is time to bloom
simply stand your ground
lift your head
and let your beauty shine

Thursday, February 02, 2012

rain moment

love comes like soundless rain in late April

falling softly

it cannot be forced

and preparing
the soil
to receive a seed
of life