Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ruth moment

As I travel I find so many women full of spiritual potential
who feel trapped by depression, disappointment, grief, shame and physical pain.
Yet when they look to the church for help
they often find that the patriarchal attitudes of the Old Testament are alive and well.
The church has failed
when it comes to helping women discover and implement their spiritual gifts.
Women's ministry has focused on trivial things
like fashion shows and recipes
when God desires to train His daughters to win souls, disciple new believers, start and run businesses, fund kingdom enterprises and transform communities.
We have ignored the message of the book of Ruth—
and as a result many women have remained spiritually barren
when it was God's intention that they become dangerous weapons that make the devil tremble.
Women please hear me.
Jesus has included you in His plan!
Allow Him to reveal to you how much He loves you
and how He desires to use you.
He wants you to leave a spiritual legacy,
just as Ruth did.
May you be filled with the same courage, faith and determination that marked her life.
J. Lee Grady