Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enoch moments

thinking of Enoch

walking with God

was it
to get into step with God

and then
to keep pace with Him

that means too that Enoch
must have been easily willing to rest
when God rested

we seem to have lost the art of resting
of even seeking rest

how wide is the stride of God
how fast is the pace of God

how wonderful it must have been
to simply hear the laughter of God
and join in

did they rub shoulders as they walked

did they help one another up steep hills
or to cross a creek

did they ever lack for words

was there immediate understanding of each other
or the need for questions

I have gone on prayer walks
with some who are much much taller, wider, higher, stronger than I am
which, for me, necessitated a half run half walk pace

is this how Enoch kept up with God

I so desire to absolutely learn the rhythm of God
and move/live/rest easily in it
for the remainder of my walking days

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