Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday moment

there is a constant yearning within me
to seek the hidden places of my world
to find a place where I am really alone with God
where my human horizons are somewhat limited
so my spiritual horizons might grow without distractions

a place where I am there
not for myself
but for others

a place where closing the wings of my intellect
opens the door of my heart

the silence strips me
the Lord of this silence also strips me

I come because I am tired
and desire only to rest on the breast of my Beloved
for to touch God
I must touch humanity
and there has been much human touching this season

the silent stillness comes to greet me
and lead me further into advent
to the expected one
the child in the cave
the child who is God

there is a stillness
holy stillness in these moments
and I
I am cocooned within this cradle of stillness
into which the Word
who came from heaven
comes to rest

the stiller the water
the more perfect the reflection

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