Friday, January 04, 2008

the singer moment

in "The Singer"
Earthmaker and His Troubadour sit down
on the outer rim of space
and look at our planet
Earthmaker holds it to His ear ...
'They're crying, Troubadour'
He said
'they cry so hopelessly.'
He gave the tiny planet to His Son
who also held it by His ear.
'Year after weary year they all keep crying.
They seem born to weep then die.'
with His nail
He scraped the atmosphere
and both of them beheld the plant bleed.
Earthmaker set earth spinning on its way
and said,
'Give Me your vast infinity, My Son;
I'll wrap it in a bit of clay.'
and so the Son became one-of-us.
Calvin Miller wrote The Singer
a healthy child
is somehow
very much
like God
a hurting child, his son

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