Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Joey moment

While pastoring, one day a person named Joey slipped into a back pew - I later found out that Joey was a drug addict living a lifestyle that included thieving, selling drugs and living in a drug induced high, his world a network of young men and women whose world from dawn until late into the night was the pursuit of getting high. He continued to come back week after week, eventually asking for baptism. He sent out invitations to his family and the network that read simply

"You are invited to Joey's funeral and resurrection on Sunday night."
They came, curious and confused.
Joey stood by the baptismal water and said
I am leaving the world that all of us know for real life in Jesus
You will see me around and we will talk
and I hope I will continue to be your friend.
But the Joey you have known has died and in a few minutes will be buried.
The man you will be talking to is somebody who has risen from the dead
and for the first time in his life is really alive.
And seeing as he is dead,
Joey will not be selling drugs any more
and will not be joining you to shoot up or be at parties."

M. Smith

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