Thursday, June 30, 2011

stump moment

a few years ago
I came across a magnificent children's book
called "The Giving Tree"
written by Shel Silverstein

I knew immediately God was speaking to me
through these words ........
but it is only recently
that I am gaining some understanding

the story basically is about a tree
who gives itself away
piece by piece
because of love

the time eventually comes
when the tree believes it has nothing left to give
no branches
no shade
no fruit
no body

and yet
this tree
now only a stump
discovers that a stump still can give

this stump is able to provide a place of rest
enough strength remaining to enable someone to lean against

most of us reach a stump phase in our lives
wondering if there is anything left to give
feeling somewhat set aside

having recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease
which has caused my body to be at war with itself
I find this story even more poignant
and even more comforting

right now in an acute phase of this disease
having difficulty with mobility
not able to even hold a coffee cup with one hand
(necessitating becoming a two fisted drinker!)
thinking a lot before attempting anything
this old stump is privileged to provide a place of rest
for those who are weary
for those who need to lean a bit
for those who simply need a spot to "be"

at the lake last week
I came across a stump
down by the water

a stump of a long dead cedar
that had to be cut down years ago
before it fell on someone

this old old stump
has a tiny sprout of green life
birthing from it

what many would pass by
seeing only death
those who walk slowly
would see life

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