Wednesday, October 10, 2012

stained moments

there have been some difficult moments this morning
which have simply demonstrated a stark truth -

some time ago, there was a spill on the bed comforter cover -

the spiller, although it was an accident,
decided to hide the evidence
and simply turned the comforter over .........
stain down, out of sight

a week or so later this came to light
with no sorrow expressed
and a slight attempt to deflect ownership of the incident

the spill, because it had not been dealt with immediately,
was now a large brown stain
and when the comforter cover was removed
it was revealed that the stain had also pentrated
deep into the comforter

so, now two large brown stains ..........
one simply caused by being in proximity to the hidden original stain

there had been a leaking of the stain
from one thing to another

because of the length of time that had passed
even with stain remover
and two washings
there is a remnant of the stain
on both the cover and the comforter

and is this not just like sin????

if not immediately confessed with repentence
a stain is left on our soul
and this stain penetrates the soul of anyone in close proximity

when a lie is attached to the stain
the penetration, the discoloration,
goes even deeper

the stain of the pain of being lied to is not easily scrubbed away -

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