Friday, November 09, 2007

bruised and smoldering moments

a bruised reed has a certain numbness
numb and hurting in their spirit
desperate in their loneliness and rejection

reeds grow on the river bank
it is a delicate task hollowing them out
to make a musical pipe

our hands
often clumsy
we easily bruise the reed in the process

when bruised
it is considered useless for making music
and is thrown away


God delights in taking these bruised reeds
and making them into fine tuned instruments
for his orchestra

the song of God among men
was a bruised reed

a wick floating in oil
gives light
if the oil runs out
the stench of the burning wick is obnoxious
and one is quick to throw it away


Jesus takes the smoking remnant of a life
and makes it into the light of the world
he will not extinguish
a burning wick

there are some who sit on the edge of life's craters
and inhale the sulphur of defeat
and sin


it is a bruised reed
that plays the strongest song of grace

it is a bruised reed that will be fitted
to minister grace to the lonely and wounded
giving them the grace
deeply received from God

those who have been wounded
make the best healers

many times the broken reed
we throw into the river as useless
is the very instrument God uses
to bring his grace to us
in the moment of our need

the fact is
God lives in my wounded brother

so many bruised reeds have experienced
their friends falling asleep
when they needed them
to just be there

it is not necessary to give answers
simply stay close
and pray

Ezekial had no answers
but he was willing to sit
with the captives
in their despair
for a week
with his mouth shut
this afternoon
with no answers
and my mouth shut
I sat
on the edge of the crater
with a bruised reed
a smoldering wick
I can only pray
there will be one
who will stay awake with me
should I be bruised
and left smoldering

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Anonymous said...

great stuff... Thanks fot the inspiration... it was needed today