Tuesday, November 20, 2007

parting moment

last evening there was a dinner
a surprise dinner
for a most amazing couple

this husband and wife
stepped away from their lives in England
stepped away from their home
their children
and their ministry
to serve in a foreign land

they came to Canada
for three months
which became six months
which then became ten and a half months

I met them the day of their arrival
in the snow
and the cold
and we instantly fell in love with one another

they had their first walk on a frozen lake
and discovered they loved walking on water

we slid together
on our backsides
down the long hill
that leads to the house

we have shared many laughs
some tears
lots of firsts
tons of hugs

I have learned so much
I have grown so much

my life has been deeply enriched
and my heart greatly enlarged
by this beautiful couple

and last evening
we had our final dinner together
our final hugs
our final laughs
and some tears

right now
they are airborne
flying back across the pond
to their family

to say I will miss them is a huge understatement
to say I will be forever grateful for knowing them
doesn't even scratch the surface
to say I am looking forward to seeing them again
is wonder-filled

they have been
and will continue to be
a gift
not only to me
but to everyone who meets them

au revoir Ginny and Martin
safe trip
thank you for all the kingdom seeds
you have planted in this land

see you soon

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