Saturday, January 17, 2009

hand moment

this has been an interesting week
filled with the unexpected
filled with tender fragile moments
filled with powerful revelation
filled with opportunities to flee or to stand
filled with questions
I wish I could say filled with answers
but they too are starting to come ...........

in the bitter cold of yesterday
there was such a warm sight ......
the deer poked her head through the trees
and this time she had her young one with her ......
they carefully, tentatively entered the yard
the young one staying very close to the side of its mom
they broke the trail together ........
entering new territory together
finding food together

that is sort of how I feel .........
there is a young fragile part of me
entering new territory
hand in hand with my Father
the breaking of the path is tender
but there is food to be found
food that will enable growth ....
and I am not alone
there is a hand holding me ...

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