Saturday, January 10, 2009

interesting moments

yesterday was an interesting day

a day of testing
being poked and prodded
pushed and invaded
and I am grateful
despite the discomfort of the invasion
but was struck by the appearance of the day

I realize I am somewhat old school
of another generation than most
and I am glad we are far removed from the starched, stand up by themselves, uniforms
and perfectly shaped caps set just so on top of perfectly shaped hair
but there is something about how one dresses
that filters down into how one feels about oneself
about what it is we do ........

and to be surrounded by jeans
topped by not so clean looking sweaters
hair falling all over the place
scruffy boots
heavy sighing
unhappy faces
sharp voices
weary attitudes
it all just made me want to open a window
spruce the place up
pick up the files that had fallen off the cabinet onto the floor
empty the overflowing trash
change the sheet on the exam table ..........

I know everyone is overworked ....
and yet ....
something is out of whack here .......

where is the professionalism
the pride in the work of our hands

it is very very good the white coat idolizing is over
but frankly
a white coat would have been a comfort yesterday

I truly am grateful for their help .........

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