Saturday, January 16, 2010

boats and storms moment

2 boats
2 storms

the disciples in their boat
doing what Jesus had asked them to do
crossing to the other side
Jesus was asleep in the stern of their boat
a storm rose up
fear entered in
they forgot Who was in their boat
until they woke Him, suggesting He had forgotten them
He spoke
the storm ended

in a boat
running from what God had asked him to do
running from Ninevah
to Tarshish
where one can "have a religious career
without having to deal with God"
(Eugene Peterson)
a storm came up
fear entered in
Jonah was tossed from the boat
the storm ended

Jesus slept
He had authority over the storm

Jonah did not

Jesus did only what His father asked of Him
Jonah ran from what his Father asked of Him

Jesus was obedient
Jonah was rebellious

2 different storms
2 different boats
2 different outcomes

who is in the boat of my life with me
whose boat am I in
do I have authority over the storms of my life

and then there is the ark
and Noah
who listened to God
and obeyed
he survived the waters .......

it is important who we are yoked with
who we bring into our boat
who rides the waves with us

is there someone in my boat
causing the storm

or only the One
who rules the storm

thoughts triggered by Martha's writing
on the Separator

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