Monday, October 25, 2010

silence moment

I am learning to distinguish the different shades of silence
learning how to live in these silences
learning how to love in these silences ...........

learning to listen in the silence between spoken
or written
in the silence under the words
in the silence behind the words
even the silence that is sometimes held within a word

learning to hear the Voice in those silences

no matter the words
loving enables me to hear the Voice
and it is in loving I find peace

a pure love is a love released from the fullness of the senses
and from the pursuit of pleasure
giving it freedom to grow in my heart

we are made to love both creature and Creator
but our heart loses its balance too easily when it loves a creature
it holds onto the creature so passionately
that it loses sight of the Creator

pleasure falsifies love like a mask

silence causes the mask to fall away
silence reveals the Creator

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