Sunday, March 02, 2014

aha moment

if soul touches something, even if it was alive in the Spirit originally, if the soul touches it, it’s death. That’s the difference between soul and spirit; life or death, what the soul does is death.

I have been seeing this. feeling this and understanding this ... and yet unable to express it clearly 
and this morning another said it for me .... how very very kind of God ...

on another note:

it is interesting that this gentleman who sliced me so deeply is coming to speak at our fellowship today ...  causing me to think again about the little, but powerful, book ... crucified by Christians ..
the wisdom in its pages has helped me in the past, helped me to walk through a wounding
and remain whole, helped guard my heart against any seed of bitterness, helped me escape the clutches of rejection ... and so I have been again pondering all that I learned between page 1 and "the end" ...... so profoundly important to take everything right back to the root and hear God ask " do you believe I love you?".  It is only in the KNOWING I am loved that I am able to accept the "stuff" of this journey, look deep into it to find and hear Jesus and walk out whole..... maybe bent over a bit for awhile, but whole nonetheless.

YES, Lord, I believe.
thank You.

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