Wednesday, June 13, 2007

culvert moments

over the last few weeks
we have noted that the water level in the lake
has been abnormally high
docks floating off their moorings
shoreline eroded
duck nests flooded killing some young
damp areas now swamps

while exploring the cause
it was noted that a culvert
at the end of the lake
the only outlet for the lake
had been deliberately blocked
by means of two steel rods
holding in place four carefully cut to size boards
effectively preventing any water from leaving the lake

three boards were quickly and easily removed
allowing the water to rush through the culvert
and down into the next lake

the water fell by about an inch
in twenty-four hours

at the suggestion of conservation authorities
two of the boards were then replaced
still allowing a healthy flow
but preventing the water level
from dropping too fast and thus
interfering with spawning fish

the next day upon checking
it was noted that now all boards had been removed
and taken away

water was roaring through unimpeded

who put the boards in

who took them out

and why

all this made me think of our lives
and the life of our ministries

we live on a beautiful small hidden lake
obviously some were not satisfied
with the way God created this lake
and took it upon themselves to alter it
to suit their purposes

someone wanted the water higher
someone else wanted the water lower

and is this not a picture of so many
not satisfied with God's design
we mess around
placing barriers to block the flow of the Spirit

or sometimes
allowing such a rush of the Spirit through us
that those around are damaged

spawning fish killed

newly hatched flooded

tender shoots drowned

there is a natural order to things
a natural flow of the Spirit
that must be honored
and respected

how is your culvert working

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