Friday, June 08, 2007

rhythm moments

I leave to lie on the beach
to become like the beach
erased by today's sun and sand of all yesterdays
lullaby-ed by the water's rhythms
outward and inner man one
to find the rhythm between solitude
and communion
between retreat and return

my life has too little empty space
so few empty hours in my day
so few empty rooms in my life
in which to stand alone and find myself

there is a wilderness in the mind
and desert wastes in the heart
through which one can wander lost
a stranger to oneself and others

out of touch with myself
I cannot touch others
so even when shaking hands with a friend
a wilderness can be felt stretching between

only when connected to our core
are we connected to others

and yet
so many have a fear of being alone
they never let it happen
always filling the void with noise

and when the noise stops
there is no inner music to take its place

we must re-learn to be alone

and so
I return to the beach
to lie on the beach
and become one with the beach
in touch with myself

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