Friday, June 22, 2007

home moment

and when he has found it
he lays it on his shoulders

and when he comes home
he calls together his friends and his neighbors
saying to them
rejoice with me
for I have found my sheep that was lost (Lk. 15:5-6)

he lays the sheep on his shoulders

he does not merely carry the burden of fear the sheep might have over being lost

nor is the guilt and condemnation over wandering away the only thing the shepherd carries

he carries the sheep

having found the sheep
he does not require it to find its own way back

he carries it

the shepherd takes full responsibility for the sheep’s return
the sheep is at rest on the shepherd’s shoulders

and when he comes home….
this is an amazing statement
the ninety-nine sheep are still in the wilderness
but the one that was lost is at home
with the shepherd

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