Thursday, August 30, 2007

garden moment

last year
a friend gave me a stunning plant
for the garden

beautiful colors
amazing fragrance
strong stem
easy multiplication
was sure to pop up every summer

it looked and seemed happy
last summer
while sturdily blooming

I waited and waited this season
for it to poke its head through the soil
but there was just an empty spot
in the garden

then last week
a little late
seedlings appeared
many of them
fat and healthy

the challenge is
they have appeared
in the grass
not the garden
and are in constant danger
of being mowed down

if I attempt to dig up and transplant
there is a strong chance
roots would be damaged
and perhaps the seedling killed

what to do?

I had a friend given to me
a few years ago

this friend had an amazing aroma
was very beautiful
and brought everyone much joy

after a season or two
this friend pulled up roots
and went into the ground
leaving an empty space
in the garden of my heart

only lately has there been
the hesitant
now and again
of a slow emerging

the challenge here too
is that the emerging is taking place
in an unsafe spot
in impure soil

I am concerned about the soil
the intermingling of roots
which determines the strength of the stem
the brilliance of the flower
and the health of any fruit

what to do?

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