Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday moments

in every man lies a zone of solitude
that no human intimacy can fill and there
God encounters us
Brother Roger

one is always looking
perhaps finding is simply looking further

the building we call church,
merely a scaffolding of struggling souls

only the voice of God
can make the desert sands rejoice

why do we strive to get people to go to church
when we are the church

dying is seeking the inner freedom to let go
and trust something new will be given

dying is moving into life beyond life

the challenge is to live our wounds through
by letting them go into our heart
instead of thinking them through
to let them enter our silence
instead of talking about them
hear the deep strong inner voice of love
and let it lead beyond the boundaries of this life

because of our belief in community
we choose to have no superiors
or inferiors
among us
we choose to be a community of dance and song
in spite of the tendencies of our times
to despair and cynicism
Weston Priory, Vermont

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