Wednesday, February 06, 2008

reverence moment

reverence usually resides in quiet places
it plays with a newborn baby
and it holds the hand of an old man
it is found in awe
it participates in ritual
it gazes at a rose
the object of reverence would open us to the transcendent
it is not something within our power to change or control
and is not a human product
it is not fully comprehended
even by experts
the posture of reverence is seen in Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son
the touch
the knowing of God's first love
it is in holding what is dear
rather than trying to manipulate our environment
in the presence of reverence
we allow ourselves to truly encounter the other in mystery
I remember once walking into a very old, small cathedral
I smelled the accumulated candle wax and lingering incense
I sensed that it had long been a prayed-in place
I could almost hear the subtle echoes of ancient prayers
it awakened my yearning for knowing my place as a human being
among the community of worshipers
the face of reverence is our own self-portrait
we look at ourselves
and know the tender place within
where the Divine dwells
the key is to feel the reverence go deep
and to give it away at the same time

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