Tuesday, September 21, 2010

covering moments

one day last week during a rain storm
we heard
inside the house
and thus learned we had a leak in our roof
after calling a roofer to inspect things
we were a tad shocked
to discover our roof
our covering
was totally shot
we bought this house in a March
with three feet of snow on the roof
and so the house inspector
was never able to see the shingles
there was a disclosure clause that
required the previous owner to speak of any problems
however, the state of the roof was never mentioned ..........
one of the compelling reasons for us to buy this house
was the sterling reputation of the builder
we have since learned
that not all his subcontractors shared such a fine reputation
so, although only 12 years old
we need a completely new roof ..........
the shoddy workmanship is only evident from the back of the house:
when looking up from the front
everything appears in fine order ..........
and I see all sorts of spiritual implications in this expensive lesson
firstly, sometimes things are hidden
and these hidden things affect the spiritual coverage
of anyone abiding in a "house".
secondly, it is important to inspect the covering
from all angles
thirdly, even though the reputation might be sterling
one must take the time to dig
and reveal
and expose
and then watch to see how what is exposed is dealt with
or indeed
if there is a willingness to deal with it at all
there have been times I have not paid enough attention
to the state of the "shingles"
of my covering
as in the natural
all the old shingles must be removed
so in the spiritual
there must be a total removal of the previous covering
a complete coming out from under a defective roof
I am grateful to have been reminded of this
before the storms of winter arrive .........

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