Monday, January 24, 2011

hunger moment

yesterday a friend said

"if you are not hungry,
you are dying"

and I began to think about not being hungry

when one is full
one no longer hungers

and so
we must be careful
what fills our mouths
fills our stomachs
fills our bodies

fills our eyes

fills our ears

is it because we have eaten so much junk food
that we have lost the taste
lost the hunger
our daily bread

we are so satiated by the abundance of
fast food
easy food
over salted food

microwavable nourishment

that manna
is no longer enough
no longer palatable

our bellies are stretched
filled to capacity
with ease

our bodies breaking down
wearing out

because of what we have been ingesting
to feed our hunger

is that why we wander from church to church
from seminar to seminar
from "prophet" to "prophet"
from experience to experience

all along


for the wrong things

and yet God says "come" to
ALL who hunger ............

God .............
purify my hunger

wash my mouth
with Your water

then increase my hunger
increase my thirst

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