Thursday, January 13, 2011

stream moment

like water falling down onto a rock

not a strong, surging stream

but something more like a quiet, trickling flow

drawing no attention to itself

making hardly a sound

seeming to have little effect

but over time

as this incessant little rivulet washes down onto the hard surface

even though it slows sometimes to only a slight drip

it continues to have its effect

in time changing the surface of the rock

carving a small channel into its seemingly unyielding face

so it is with the love of God

though it may seem that all efforts to bring it to pass are so meek as to be ineffective

over time the hard surface wears away...

and a way is made for the stream of love to flow

let your love flow down on me

O God

wearing away all that is rough

and all that obstructs your flow

let everything about me be formed by the stream of your love


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