Thursday, March 10, 2011

hidden moment

there was a day on the beach a few weeks ago
when everyone was told to stay out of the water

it was a glorious day
with miles of beautiful azure ocean in front of us
and yet
we were told there was a danger
a hidden danger
within the water

apparently related to the miles away oil spill of last April
heavy parts of the oil sank to the bottom
and now were releasing some sort of methane gas
which was floating on the surface of the water

almost invisible to the eye
with no odor whatsoever

and yet,
it was there

and no one was sure how it would affect any body
it came in contact with

reminded me of the day
when the leadership of our church
stood on the platform and said
"don't drink our water"

the water looked clear
and cold
and yet
there was a hidden problem
deep within the well

I knew at the time there was something prophetic in the words
"don't drink our water"
and yet it was only years later
the hidden sin within the leadership was exposed

it is the hidden things
the things deep beneath the surface
unseen by most eyes
that can poison what we are offering

affecting any who drink our water
any who are splashed by our stuff

be wise
about whose water you drink

be discerning
about where you swim

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