Monday, March 14, 2011

question moment

I used to think the most important question to hear
and answer
was Jesus asking
"do you love Me?"

only lately have I come to believe that a more important question
comes from God
and that is
"do you believe I love you?"

both questions contain the word "love" -
and until I/we understand what love is
both questions are difficult to answer honestly .....

my struggles in relationships are connected with what I like to call
the relationship between the 'first love' and the 'second love'

the first love is from God

who loved me before I was born

the second love is from my parents, brothers, sisters, friends

and is only a reflection of that first love

sometimes I expect from the second love

what only the first love can give

then I experience anguish

my personal struggle has always been

that I expected a first love
from someone who could only give a second love

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