Wednesday, April 20, 2011

friends moment

as part of my readings through the entire Bible this year
I was in Job earlier this morning
and noted such a beautiful event .........

there was a time when Job's friends came alongside him
and they sat for a considerable amount of time
in total silence -
no one said a single word
no one tried to comfort
or fight spiritually
or provide insight
or condemn .........

they all simply sat in silence

the ministry of presence

later on of course these same friends grew impatient
with Job
and with God
and they started speaking .........

but it was when they were silent
such beauty of friendship was seen

we have much to learn from that example ....

a few years ago
when I was ill
some friends came by

one suggested that now I was "old and frail"
I should avail myself of meals on wheels ..........

another wondered about sin in my life
allowing my body to be attacked

some friends never came

but there were a few
who came and sat
in silence
just comforting me with their presence
with their silent hugs

the ministry of silent presence is loud

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