Friday, April 29, 2011

iris moment

some months ago lying on my bed while recovering I was able to watch the iris in the bouquets over the period of a week as they slowly and graciously unfolded their gifts to me

each day a tightly furled bud would begin its slow-motion self-revelation until by the end of the day it would be in full expansion

next morning it would have closed in on itself only to allow the next bud positioned farther down the stalk to display its breathtaking beauty

the very being of the iris

their incomprehensible delicacy and extravagance

the furry petaled dip and curve of them

the modulations of color

the various textures of stalk stem stamen and pistil

all elegantly displayed themselves for my wonderment

there was a wordlessness to the experience that is impossible to convey

the iris simply were

they were inexpressible gifts




if only I could be present to really see and receive them

I knew I had never seen iris before

I was not sure I had ever really seen anything before

but now I knew

I had seen iris

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