Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Liam moment

this wee boy was brought to me for prayer this morning -
not quite two, adopted from Vietnam -
Liam was born with a myriad of medical problems
causing his mom to abandon him at birth ..........
$20,000 later, Liam has been chosen by his new parents -
he faces years of reconstructive surgery
which will be terribly painful for him ........
yet, there is so much life
so much joy
in this little body -
he and I giggled together for 2 hours

unable to hold anything with his upside down hands
he nevertheless held my heart easily

unable to crawl or walk because of his dislocated hips
he nevertheless moved deep inside me

unable to hug because of his inside out shoulders
he nevertheless wrapped me in love

and I am changed
because of these Liam moments

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