Saturday, January 14, 2012

resolve moment

so, here I am
half way through the first month
of this new year
thinking about all that this year could hold

thinking about how to approach
all that each day will unfold

in the awareness
there will be the good
and the not so good

after all
that is the way life is

thinking about how the not so good
can only shape my days
if I allow it to do so

and suddenly
there was a not so good

until that moment
this day
this Saturday mid January
was filled with possibilities
that could be found in the midst of the Saturday chores

the moment
of the not so good
altered everything

leaving only chores
to be done heavily
because of an aching heart

so I sat by the window
coffee cup in hand
trying to find my way back to the possibilities

the sun is brilliant on this frigid day

diamonds are in the fresh snow

icy fingers of the trees flash back and forth
in their dance with the wind

a cardinal's red against the white

warm slippers

steam slowly curling upwards from my cup

the discovery of the gift of these moments
is my resolution for this year

to ensure the rhythm of my life
leaves room for me to see
gifts from God
in each moment

finding Him in each moment

and allowing that finding
to shape my days

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