Thursday, January 12, 2012

Michael moment

and so
another year has come
and another year has gone

and forty-three years ago
this very day
Michael took his first breath

gave his first cry

and never again felt the warmth
the skin
of his mother
this woman who chose to give him life

forty-three years ago
my arms first felt the warmth of Michael
the skin of Michael

it was my neck that felt the nuzzle of his wee head

my being that was filled with the sweetness of his being

I loved loving him

and a piece of me died four months later
when he left my arms
for the arms of another

and this day
the day of his birth
I wonder about him
in my continual missing of him

is he loved
is he loving

is he well
is he content

there remains a Michael-sized hole in me
flowers of thankfulness for him
grow around the hole
but there remains this hole

where ever you are
what ever you are doing
I am thinking of you
and missing you
and loving you

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