Tuesday, February 18, 2014

what was hidden has surfaced

how very lovely is this!

after losing contact with my blog  ...
it disappearing somewhere into the never never land of space
today I was able to tap in ....

I feel I have come home after a long lonely period of wandering ...

it is so good to drink of where I have been
rest in the now of where I am
and look to the horizon of where I will be ..

a few quick thoughts from the moments of today

we can be called yet choose not to be chosen ...

the wrath of God is a controlled but relentless, righteous reaction
to anything unrighteous
a burning zeal for the right coupled with a perfect hatred
for everything that is evil ...

so very different from the wrath of man ....

at the cross God expresses His holy wrath against Himself ....

the church must always remain a pilgrim people of God
a church of expectation and hope ...

You give everything
so I can be a gift
full of love

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