Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday moments

interesting day .....
had an eye exam ...
with the field of vision test
and the proverbial drops ...
one to test how much I actually see
and the other to enable the tester to see deep into my eye ...

all this made me think of Jesus ..
and how much of Him I actually see during all my moments ..

and how the tear drops of repentence enables Him to see deep within ...

apparently I have a cortical cataract growing on my left eye ..
this grows like spikes from the outside in
and eventually, if not surgically dealt with, will first cloud
and then completely block my vision

to me, this is the same as looking at the wrong things,
filling my eyes with darkness,
which clouds and then eventually blinds to Light ..
the fingers of sin eventually closing over my eye

how perfectly we are made by the Maker
how wise He is
how caring He is

and this day I pray for strength, not my strength, but the strength of Jesus
to keep true, not continue to end all contact

how horribly subtle the snake was/is in the garden of that friendship ...
even now I feel his seductive pull ...

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