Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday moments

have been seeing a lot lately how a need within can rule,
can cause compromise,
can cause one to sin ....

we seem to all have this huge need to be seen,
to be affirmed,
to be validated ...

causing a seeking to have this need fulfilled by another

this seeking from another is actually a using of someone
combined with an allowing of ourselves to be used

sucking life from another
life being sucked from ourselves

this is horrible
and very very strong ..

we each need the courage
the strength
the yearning desire
to open our heart in absolute trust
to open our soul
to the only One Who can fulfil
Who will affirm
Who will fill
Who gives life

we need to grip the hands of Jesus
with a ferocious tenacity

only once we recover our NO to our humanity
our fleshly flesh
can we live fully in our YES to God

God has the right to require
but He has given us the right to refuse

only I decide for what purpose I will live
and to whom I will give myself

a gift is always a gift
never can be owned
and thus always precious

and there were precious moments ....

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