Thursday, October 20, 2005

first and last moments

I have been thinking about the process of dying
and the process of birthing -

I have friends involved in both processes at the moment ..........

and it seems to me there are contractions involved in both
the contraction enabling arriving
and a contraction enabling leaving

it is no small feat to travel the birth canal
and enter the world

and it is no lesser a struggle
to step from the world
into eternity

the contraction enabling an entry
necessitates pain and hard work
and is it not the same,
the contraction of leaving -
there is pain and hard work for the one leaving
and pain and hard work for the ones left behind

hands are required
someone receives the newborn into their hands
Someone receives the born again into His hands

the hands receiving the newborn should be clean
the Hands receiving the born again must be pierced

the birth canal
the valley of death

life emerges from both
a "momentary" life
an eternal life

both these lives
involve Blood
a Cross
and a Death

the womb of our life
can become a tomb
filled with the death and stench of bitterness, offence and unforgiveness
or it can be a womb
filled with life
a life of peace, mercy, grace and joy.

and I know of tombs
that have again become wombs

we have that choice

and today
all I can do is pray
for both my friends
and give thanks
for the two processes
and the two lives
about to emerge

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Anonymous said...

I loved your poem. The line about "the Hands that receive the born again must be pierced" was beautiful. I had never thought about the parallels before.