Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday moments

It was raining again ........

I was awakened very early this day
An emergency concerning someone with heart pains ...........

At church to pray with my pastor
I felt and tasted his heart pains
The very ones he tries so hard to hide

In the sanctuary
Feeling and tasting the heart pains around me
I reached high in my worship to grab onto the Hand of God

My pastor spoke of the desperation in some
His words releasing a river of hearts
That streamed to the front

Tears rained on the altar
As the Heart of God
Drew us all with powerful tenderness
Deep into the wounded side of Christ

The programme for the morning
Out of preference for the Presence.

Moments of God's heart
And the hearts of His people

Then the long drive through the rain
To be with another heart
Heavied with sorrow and responsibilities
And yet lightened in hope

There was a stilled body
And although now an empty casing
One could see he had been a handsome man

Now freed
To limp and struggle no more
To dance and jump and laugh
And delight in Jesus
For all eternity

The hip replacement
Replaced by a
Heart replacement
In a moment
Of God's mercy and love

God writing straight
With the crooked lines of a life

As the rain continued to pour down
There were piercing moments of brilliant Son-shine
As my heart
And the heart of my friend

It rained on the drive home too
Inside and outside the car

Moments of Jesus' tears of intercession
Mingling with mine

It rained all night
Dawn birthed a new day

It is not raining today.

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