Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday night moments

while at a soaking prayer evening last night
I was struck by the diversity

a bit surreal
this place, an office by day,
now carpeted, wall to wall, by bodies
fat, thin, tall, short, old, young
male, female
black, white and several shades in between and around

and in a moment I saw
the only common thread was brokenness
some more
perhaps some less
but all broken nonetheless

we were together
and yet separate
each one alone before our God

fueled by pain
or loneliness
or fear
or love?

I am not sure of the others
only my own

Jesus showed me His side
His wounded side
asking if I would touch that wound

it was through this wound
the "church" was birthed

just as through the wound on Adam's side
his bride was birthed
through the wound on Jesus's side
His bride was birthed

and I knew the only way
to touch that wound
on the side of Jesus
is to touch His church
touch His people
one by one

there is a broken body
we are the broken body

there are moments in the touching of one another
when Jesus is brought into the brokenness
the Wounded entering His wounded.

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