Tuesday, October 18, 2005


why blog?

if someone else reads my thoughts
does that validate them?

if there is a truth for me
and someone else disagrees
does that make it no longer a truth?

is it important
that anyone else would read my wonderings

and if so,
to whom is it important -

to me?

and if so,

but for today at least
I will have two journals
one that I will reveal
and still
one that I will not.

and why is that?

re-gifting -

I have heard of this over the past few years
sort of makes sense
certainly brings a few laughs now and again

causes one to wonder 'tho about the giver
and their choosing of the gift
would there be pain in the rejection
and re-giving of their gift

there is one gift that cannot be re-given

the gift of a heart

can be accepted
treasured, valued
held close


can be broken
tossed away
trampled upon

but cannot be re-gifted

ask Jesus.

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