Sunday, December 24, 2006

cradle moment

pondering the cradle
in the shadow of the cross
for a few years now I have been overwhelmed by
and caught in the wonder
of the FACT
that Almighty God
the I AM
took the huge risk of encasing all of who HE IS
into a tiny seed
the size of a pin head
and implanting Himself into the womb
of one of His creatures .........
all of God in this tiny seed .........
and then in the fullness of time
being born into vulnerability -
dependent upon a woman for food and nurturing,
dependent upon a man for protection and guidance -
seeking love and life
through the body and arms of those He created -
and if He was willing to take that risk
can we do anything less
than seek Him
through the love and arms
of those who surround us
take a moment
touch someone today
find the Christ who dwells within
and celebrate Him
be silent
be still
empty before your God
ask nothing
say nothing
let your God love you
that is all

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