Wednesday, December 27, 2006

open moment

2007 lies open before me
a huge unwalled garden
full of flowers
full of weeds

where will I enter this garden

how will I find my way

what will I have learned when I finally plumb its depths

if I follow a path already made
I will be following someone else's path

pregnant with words barely mature enough to be birthed
there is a knowing deep within
this is the year I am to tell my stories
without fear of touching the still damp soil
from which new life is born


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. I love the idea of finding your own path through this garden. So adventurous and exciting!

I'm so glad you stumbled across my blog as it brought me to yours!

mary said...

I hope I can partake of the stories you are to tell, Andrea.
You have enriched my life already.
I have stories also.
Will you open your world to others stories or are there enough in your life?
If not; I know your path is single file and meant to be viewed in this medium alone.
We all have a path and I do not share mine with many, but would offer you the map if you are open.
If not; I will simply keep reading here.

Andrea said...

thank you ladies for sharing your moments with mine .......

Mary - I am learning on a deeper level that no one's story is separate from another's - we all walk in and out of each other's stories, sometimes touching, sometimes not, but there nevertheless

this was so strongly manifested for me when I was asked to speak during a Sunday evening service while in Vermont - in a strange land, with people I had never before seen, in a church with stained glass windows and wooden pews, I simply shared a piece of my story and yet so many there related to my words, felt already interwoven into the tapestry of the story so that my story became our story ...

we are each others colors and I would unfold the fabric of your map with care

a poustinia is built alongside a community so that the one who dwells within is always accessible to those who come - the door to the poustinia is never locked ....