Friday, December 29, 2006

year end moment

this year must die
to allow the birthing of the next

this year
has been full
a time of pregnant anticipation
an intensity of labor
the necessity of surrender

this year
has been one of enlargement
expansion of my family through marriage
expansion of my heart through the Hand of the Father

this year
brought a new intensity of Him
the searing fire of His very nearness
the brilliance of His person
the freedom to dance in the wind of His Spirit

this year
provided the opportunity
to step out of my boat of all that was comfortable
and walk solely on the sea of His Promises

this year
I heard again the horses
felt their strength
shook with their passion
was one with their urgency

this year
birthed a moment to trust
stand exposed in the light of Him
and allow the camouflage to fall

this year
I saw Him through the hands of friends
heard Him through the words of friends
watched Him through the lives of friends
felt Him through the arms of friends

this year
I found Him in the deepest valley
sang with him on the highest mountain
and waited for Him when I could not find the path

this year
I say again


my Shepherd
my Guide
my Friend
I feel Your heart beat as You carry me close to Your breast
and provide for my needs

Father God

You give me precious times of rest in the lush pastures
whose very greenness speak of life

You kindly lead me away from storms of the day
to the still waters where You revive my spirit

You faithfully guide me along the path of safety and truth
to bring honor and glory to Your Name


in Your gentle strength
take me by the hand through the deepness of the shadowy valley
and I am not afraid
Your might and authority bring me peace

I behold the table You prepare for me
this table that proclaims the promises of Your covering
I discern it even in the nearness of those who would bring me harm
and kneel so the cup of my life may spill over with the oil of Your Presence

Your promises, Lord God Almighty, will sustain me
and I will abide in Your sanctuary always

and what of this year being born
this year so near at hand

all I know is

the King is in the land

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