Sunday, April 08, 2007

calling moment

my dad died twenty-five years ago ........
I have been missing him a lot lately

I have pictures
but was losing the memory of the sound of his voice
and that saddened me

I came across some tapes
and on one
was my dad
speaking and singing and laughing

and it was as if no time had passed
there was instant recognition of the voice of my father

this all has made me think of Mary Magdalene
it was Jesus saying her name
that caused her to recognize him

it was his voice

when our name is spoken with deep love
we are forever changed
simply in the hearing

my most favorite song speaks to that

I can hear you softly calling
I hear you say my name
and I am changed"

all this takes place in a garden

in the place where Jesus was crucified
there was a garden

it was Mary
one who had been forgiven much
who sought to be near him
even in death

I can hear you softly calling ........

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