Saturday, April 07, 2007

weird moments

last Sunday
I discovered my pastor
did not have a pastor's heart
this I guess is OK
not everyone is gifted the same way
just was a bit of a surprise
when I needed a pastor to come alongside
to see him go in the opposite direction
and the one with a pastor's heart
who did come alongside
teaches school this season

goes to show
a pastor is not what you do
but who you are

another weird sort of moment this week
was being offered a job
a name my own salary job
two days after officially being aged enough
to receive free stuff every month from the government

and yet one more ........
three days after having lunch outside
under the budding tree
to be again dealing with snow

1 comment:

myrrha said...

Curious isn't it?
I can sooooo relate.

In my darkest times the past few years; the 'pastor' in my life is a gentle man who is an engineer.
While he who assertively carries the title of Pastor talks about the weather, and 'Hey, how about those Leafs?' while my heart drops in pieces on the floor.

Sometimes; one's title is more security for he/she who carries it than comfort for those who look to it in need.