Thursday, July 05, 2007

free moment

our neighour called us at the lake yesterday
to say that there was water spouting high in our garden

nothing to do but drive in
to see what was happening
and it was as we suspected

one of the hoses in the pond
had sprung a leak

the water
instead of recycling through the pond
was now escaping
high into the sky
and very soon
the pond would be emptied
causing the fish to die
and the pump motor overheat
and burn out

and I saw much in all this

not satisfied with simply a pond
a small body of water
I had wished for a waterfall
for the pleasing visual effect
and the comforting sound
of water kissing rocks

and so
several years ago
with the help of hoses
and a pump
a waterfall was constructed

this was not a natural falling of water
but man made
to look natural

water forced to flow
in an unnatural manner
to be pleasing to the eye
and the ear

and how many of us
over the years
have been forced to flow
in an unnatural manner
to be pleasing to an eye
and an ear

after a few seasons
the hose could no longer contain the pressure
and the water broke free

but in its breaking free
there was danger of burn out
and death

and now I struggle
with whether or not
to replace the hose
and force water to again flow
in an unnatural way
to simply bring me pleasure

knowing deep within
the pressure of constraint
the pressure of flowing
in a manner always visually acceptable

I think I would rather break free
and flow high

but first
I must take care of the fish .............

and dwell deep

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