Thursday, July 05, 2007

shepherd moment

2 weeks ago
the shepherds of this region
gathered together
in a neutral pasture

this was a time for family
a time to serve our servants
a time for the shepherds to frolic
in the fields of the Lord

400 or so came
and played
and laughed
and cried
and danced
and sang
and ate
and ate
and ate

faces were painted
and faces were kissed

shoulders that came in heavily laden
were eased of their burden

hearts that came in crushed
started pumping again

feet that were weary
danced their way to freedom

all who were hungry
were well fed

did I mention thay ate and ate and ate

the sounds of laughter filled the air

the kids loved riding the horses
and playing in the inflated castles

the dads and the moms
simply loved being loved

there are some in our midst
who are very weary in their well doing

take a moment
and touch them
with a word of encouragement
a hug of appreciation

they are not perfect
but then
look at the state of the sheep
especially the ones with big teeth

some love to gnaw on the legs of shepherds
not to kill
just to slightly cripple them

for a few moments
2 weeks ago
in a neutral pasture
love flowed
and danced
like the multi colored balloons that floated high
free at last

and my heart soared

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