Friday, September 28, 2007

crack moment

I had a vision of a house.

Every time a crack appeared in the wall
I dashed out to repair it as quickly as possible
like most of us do
so that the inside of the house
was protected
and kept safe from the weather
and the storms.

and the Lord said to me

this is what your Christian life is like
whenever any cracks appear in the wall
that has been built up about you
over the years
by the world
and by yourself
you dash out
and fill in the cracks
so that no one is able to see what is inside

But I want the world to be able to see what is inside

I want to be able to come in
through the cracks into your life
and I am not going to fill them up either.

I am going to flow in and out of these cracks.

So when you see the cracks appear in your life
do not rush out and fill them in

Let Me come in.

David Mattches


David Mattches said...

I am David Mattches the man who wrote these words, I live in Yorkshire in England I would be everso interested to know how you came by them, who is Andrea?

Andrea said...

aaaah! this is so amazing:
thank you for writing! I haunt used book sales and come across hidden treasures filled with wise words - most books have torn pages thus I cannot always attribute the words to their author but fortunately the page painted with your words was intact! I love words. I love how words weave a tapestry of color and sound and touch. I remember reading your words: they painted a vivid picture that spoke with such reality. I am sorry I cannot recall which book offered them up to me but I am so absolutely delighted to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your gift.