Friday, September 14, 2007

remembering moment

a wonderful woman died early this morning
she was my friend
she remains my friend

she was and remains a friend to many

her best Friend called her home early today
she simply left the arms of her husband
and entered the arms of the One who called

she was quiet
loved to laugh
tenderly strong
an overcomer

a worshiper
and lover
of her Lord

I will miss her deeply
I already miss her

many others will also miss her

in her own gentle way
she gave strength to many

we all are richer for knowing her

her life counted
she lived well
she died well

but there is a hole of lonely sadness in me
no more hugs
no more laughing together until we fall down
no more raising eyebrows at each other across the room

she was a beautiful gift

here for a moment
there for eternity

she was a good woman
and while mourning
I celebrate her life


Hogie said...

For your loss I am sorry. For her gain I rejoice with you.

Andrea said...

thanks Dale
for your comfort
and your understanding